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With an increasingly competitive world for jobs and careers, it’s even more important to have the right education. And sometimes getting that can be just as competitive.


While children generally start secondary school at the age of 11, the process of applying for schools starts a year before this, sometimes even earlier. Most parents considering sending their children to grammar or private schools will be investigating tutoring or coaching to help them through the process which is likely to involve a series of testing and interviewing. To give children the best chance of succeeding this can mean starting when they are 8 or 9.


At Here To Teach, the focus is on exposure to study material not typically available in primary schools and a concentration on exam technique. By using subjects and questions outside of the standard primary school syllabus, often looking ahead to what is expected at secondary school level, students can be challenged in a safe, supportive environment. This alternative material can also make learning more interesting and enjoyable for the students, as it may not be something students have seen before, thereby making the learning more effective and easier to apply when needed.


For many students, entrance exams will be their first real experience of formal testing. By beginning to prepare well in advance, students can understand what is required and expected of them, so when they come to the testing stage it is a less daunting prospect.




Children are always going to have particular areas of their education which they find more challenging and so tutoring may be useful even if just for a few sessions. This can give the students time to fully get to grips with a concept or idea while they have the full attention of a teacher not trying to teach a class of 20 or more children.




We are currently going through the biggest change to maths teaching and examinations in a generation at this level. While a lot of the content remains the same the focus is now wholly on the final exams. Students need to ensure they have prepared fully as their results can determine any future education and potential job prospects.




Please email me at: with any specific questions you have or to discuss how I may be able to help you and/or your children.

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